Step 1: Structural Condition Survey

Restruction is a technology leader in structural concrete repair and structural strengthening. We participate in The International Concrete Repair Institute, which publishes practical industry guidelines. We actively engage in The American Concrete Institute and concrete repair community. ACI is currently developing a repair code and our people are versed in this code work.

The first step of a concrete repair or structural strengthening project is the Condition Survey. ACI committee 364 “Guide for Evaluation of Concrete Structures prior to Rehabilitation” is an excellent source of information.

Restruction can provide this condition Survey, which may include chloride ion content testing, identification mapping, rebar corrosion testing, petrography, project planning assistance, budgetary cost estimating, life cycle cost analysis, and preliminary project scheduling.

The Condition Survey is an important step that will minimize repair costs, maximize value, and ensure project quality. Contact us if you desire a successful concrete repair or structural strengthening project.

Step 2: Project Design

Restruction, using independent, licensed engineering subcontractors, can provide a thorough structure capacity analysis prior to structural repair or structural strengthening. This will ensure your project meets codes. Project Documentation is provided to the owner and any permit authorities.

Contact us if your project has already been designed and you are looking for a project bid.

Step 3: Cost, Scheduling & Project Planning

Nearly all structure owners need to understand the cost and time to completion prior to contracting for the repair work. Concrete repair and structural strengthening is nearly always completed in an operating structure that demands limited downtime. These owners include industrial facilities, water tanks, hotel operations, hospitals, and others. Planning tools include plant shutdowns, noise mitigation, and others.

Contact us if you have a fast-track structural repair or strengthening project. We have been completing fast track structural repair projects since 1975.

Step 4: Structural Concrete Repair & Strengthening Construction

A quality structural repair or structural strengthening project starts with a good structural Condition Survey, includes experienced project planning and ends with tenured repair technicians.

Restruction provides these services for your structural repair and structural strengthening project. We self-perform over 90% of our company’s revenue. One source for all your repair needs, multiple layers of sub-contractors don’t exist in our projects. Independent testing ensures project quality and independent inspection is conducted by the project designer.

We have served multiple structure owner markets with all repair techniques since 1975.

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