Project Description

Based on repair material and repair construction expertise, Restruction Corporation was selected to prove methods and materials for repair of a large nuclear reactor wall cut out. The pre-placed aggregate method of placement was selected for its benefits and conformance to the following specifications:

  1. Low shrinkage- requirements were zero shrinkage or slightly expansive
  2. High early strength- 72-hour cylinder strength requirements were 5000-psi
  3. Thermal Coefficient- required at 0.55E-5 inches per degree Fahrenheit
  4. Poisson’s ratio- required value of .17 or less
  5. Youngs Modulus- required value of 4.0E6 pounds per square inch or greater
  6. Unit Weight- required 150 pounds per cubic foot or greater

Project Progression

Laboratory testing was completed to define the limits of cementitious components, sand additions, and additives for flow. Scaled mockups, sized at 12′ x 12′ x 3.75′ were built using plastic panels to inspect grout theology during grouting of pre-placed aggregate. Grout materials were supplied via continuous mixing and pumped with a 20g.p.m screw pump manufactured by Chemgrout. Grouting of samples took place in April 2003. Testing of cored samples was completed.