Project Description

An Award-Winning Project

Project Synopsis
The 3100 square foot plaza structure was deteriorating due to poor waterproofing in the plaza.  The deterioration was affecting the concrete and brick architectural wearing surface as well as the intermediate structural level and parking garage below.  Deterioration in the planter boxes waterproofing along with water leakage at the joints between the structural slab and the planter boxes were found. Rehabilitation of the existing concrete at the intermediate structural slab and membrane replacement was necessary to prevent more leakage into the garage below.  An existing corrugated metal decking supported the architectural level.  After demolition of the existing 4 in. wearing slab and membrane, bi-level drains were installed to drain the architectural slab and intermediate structural level. Crickets were installed around new and existing drains to improve drainage of the intermediate structural level.  A snowmelt system was installed in pedestrian walkway areas. A fabric reinforced hot rubber waterproofing system was used both inside the existing planter boxes and on the intermediate structural level to prevent future leakage.  Insulation board provided the final elevation between the architectural and structural levels.  The new architectural wearing surface was tooled to mimic the previous brick pattern and was color coordinated to the remaining plaza. This project had to be coordinated and completed in two separate phases to maintain pedestrian traffic to the busy office building.

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