Hydraulic Structures

We at Restruction, a division of Structural Preservation Systems, LLC, provide hydraulic structure owners the highest level of concrete repair services offered by an American- based construction company. Our extensive knowledge of what can and does go wrong with structures, if applied in a timely manner, generates steps to evaluate the ability of any structure to have its integrity reestablished through repair, defining effective and economical solutions that will assure a structure’s full design integrity. Helping to eliminate future failures by correcting, not covering up, structural deficiencies through the application of structural repair methods, concrete repair services, materials and expense.

Weather from freezing and thawing, wetting and drying, fatigue, shrinkage, corrosion, earthquake, or other physical abuse, attack due to salt or pollution, or natural deterioration, the material used in the construction of any structure will ultimately break down, both chemically and mechanically. Despite any wishful thinking to the contrary, no structure will last forever without repair or maintenance.

Restruction helps you through every phase of your concrete repair services
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